Pig Latin Relational Operator

   Pig Latin Relational Operator
Category Operator Description
Loading & Storing LOAD Loads data from the filesystem or other storage into a relation
STORE Saves a relation to the filesystem or other storage
DUMP Prints a relation to the console
Filtering FILTER Removes unwanted rows from relation
DISTINCT Removes duplicate rows from a relation
FOREACH..GENERATE Adds or removes fields from relation
MAPREDUCE Runs a mapreduce job using a relations as input
STREAM Transforms a relation using an external program
SAMPLE selects ar andom sample of a relation
Grouping & Joining JOIN Joins two or more relations
COGROUP Groups the data in two or more relations
GROUP Groups the data in a single relation
CROSS creates the croos-product of two or more relations
Sorting ORDER Sorts a relation by one or more fields
LIMIT Limits the size of a relation to a maximum number of tuples
Combining & Splitting UNION Combines two or more relations into one
SPLIT Split a relation into two or more relations

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