HBase shell commands

describe ‘tablename’ : Displays the metadata of particular table Example : describe ’employee’  {NAME => ‘address’, BLOOMFILTER => ‘ROW’, VERSIONS => ‘5’, IN_MEMORY => ‘false’, KEEP_DELETED_CELLS => ‘FALSE’, DATA_BLOCK_ENCODING => ‘NONE’, TTL => ‘FOREVER’, COMPRESSION => ‘GZ’, MIN_VERSIONS => ‘0’, BLOCKCACHE => ‘true’, BLOCKSIZE => ‘65536’, REPLICATION_SCOPE => ‘0’} {NAME => ‘personal_info’, BLOOMFILTER => ‘ROW’, … More HBase shell commands

Data types of Spark Mlib – Part 2

Friends, so far we have gone through Basic types of spark mllib data type. Spark mllib also supports distributed matrices that includes Row Matrix , IndexedRowMatrix, CoordinateMatrix, BlockMatrix. A distributed matrix has long-typed row and column indices and double-typed values, stored distributively in one or more RDDs. It is very important to choose the right … More Data types of Spark Mlib – Part 2