Software Design Patterns

  Friends while developing a software one should understand the requirement definition clearly. Designing the software is an Art work. There is often a motivation to develop a software which is loosely coupled & easily expandable as well as follow some set of standard.

There are 4 kinds of programming.

1. Machine Code Programming

2. Procedural language programming

3. Object-Oriented Programming

4. Imperative Programming

You can find the programming paradigm in detail in below wiki link.

The object-oriented programming is widely used now a days with support by many languages.

There are mainly 4 Design Patterns which you can use to build the software in more productive way.

1. Creational Pattern

– The Singleton Pattern.

– The Factor Pattern

2. Structural Pattern

– The Adapter Pattern

– The Proxy & Decorator Pattern

– The Composite Pattern.

3. Behavioral Pattern

– The Observer Pattern.

– The Strategy & Template Pattern.

4. Concurrency Pattern.

– Single Thread Execution Pattern.

I will  brief each design pattern & It’s use cases in  my next blog.